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Tools to give feedback

As you start doing many new creations there’s always the time when you need to start showing to others and receive feedback on your work. Sometimes it’s easy when you have those persons right next to you and you can discuss and share opinions, but when it’s people in a different part of the city or even a country, things start to get complicated. So I’ve grouped out a number of cool software that will help on this task.


This cool freeware is one of the best, I’ve personally used many times and it’s great to be able to draw on top of each frame, write something on top of the video and it even has a light in function that let you see drawings on other frames.

I recently found this one thanks to Kaoru Watsuki, a new fellow animator. On this service you upload you videos and you receive a link, and anybody that has that link can enter and start adding comments, notes and drawings on top of each frame. It also has a neat functionality that allows one of the users to be “on control” and everything he/she does, will be replicated on every window that has that video opened.

  • RV (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Another cool video player that has a lot of cool features, like all the others you can draw and make comments on each video, you can drag the mouse on top of the image and scrub through the timeline. Adjust in and out points and make a mini cut that allows to see shots in context. The only issue with this one is that it requires a licence (and it’s not cheap)

  • Maya built in Grease Pencil (Windows, Mac, Linux)

In the recent versions of Maya, they included a similar version of Blue Pencil, which is a little bit limited, but it’s great if you have the scene on which you’re making the comments and you can draw on top of things on different viewports.

Which is your favorite? Did I miss one that you use and/or found super useful? Let me know so I can add it here