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David Couchariere, an amazing Animator

On CG Society was posted an inspiring interview about David Couchariere, an amazing animator that has come from far away and also have worked in many blockbuster movies.

He come from Belgium, and after he finished school he went right away in his first production as a trainee. Then he try his luck and apply for a position in Blue Sky Studio, which he managed to achieve. So he went across the ocean and have his first participation in the movie “Robots”. Since then he have been an animator for titles such as Ice Age 2, Madagascar 2, Kung fu Panda 1 and 2, How to train your Dragon, Flushed away and Puss in Boots.

It is astonishing to get to know the way a professional animator life has been taking place and also it reminds us that a great animator can come from anywhere in the world. There should have been things that didn’t go very well in that path but certainly there have been many of them that make David a very successful animator.

Here is his demo reel from 2010, and I hope that in some day in the future, I could have one like this.