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Ending for Circo Volador Videos This is a short clip that shows the feel and look of the upcoming videos @Circo Volador.


Animation Scout – Animation Videos

There are few videos on the Internet that have great quality and accurate information on them about animation, but  as I wonder through many sites and posts, I stumbled upon a series of videos that have specific tips that are great to know when animating a character.

They include Eye Direction and it’s meaning, Eyelids: how they work, Head Direction: how do we can make our character look in a certain mood, Blinks: when and how to use them, Mouth Corners: how to use them and Eye Movement: How the entire eye moves when looking in different ways.

There’s no need to say that the one who made this videos, Ugur Ulvi Yetiskin, is a really talented animator

Here is one example:

And you can see the rest over here

Polished Animation

Animation Clip

I have been looking to upgrade this animation since I get the first comments, most of them about the lipsinc in some specific letters and vowels, so I decided to take it to the next level and refine each part of it.

My main focus was making the lipsinc suitable to the audio, and I realized that the mouth movements weren’t really accurate, and despite the fact that they were 1 frame before in Maya’s timeline, I needed to pull them back another 2 frames to make them more believable. So I started making the accents and movements on time as Maya displayed them and then move them those 2 frames.

Also I changed some gestures that the character was doing, in order to make them more emphatic. The most substantial change was the pointing finger nearly the end of the video, which changed the following movements and also make the character hold the slat a little bit longer.

I think those changes make the shot look better. What do you think about it? Can you tell the difference?

If you want to check the past version of this, you can see it here