Showcase, tips and thoughts on animation

Demo Reel 2012



This is my demo for 2012. It contains some old and new animations that I’ve been doing along my career. Most of them are personal animations because I can’t show animations from Larva GS due to a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)

Music: I wish I know its name or compositors, but I’ve found it in this address and there wasn’t further information.

    Demo BrakeDown:

Shot1 – Robot – Animation, Render, Background Modeling
Shot2 – Cooker –Animation, Render, Background Modeling
Shot3 – Sassy Bony Action 1 – Animation
Shot4 – Sassy Bony Action 2 – Animation
Shot5 – Sassy Bony Action 3 – Animation
Shot6 – Lonely – Animation, Render, Background Modeling
Shot7 – Artes Circences, Circo Volador – Animation, Modeling, Rigging, Render, Compositing
Shot8 – Elevator – Animation, Render, Background Modeling
Shot9 – Enough Tolerance – Animation, Render, Background Modeling


Noman Rig:


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