Showcase, tips and thoughts on animation


Simon’s Cat

This is a very funny set of animations by Simon Tofield, where the main characters are Simon and his cat, which is always hungry and gets itself into many different and hilarious situations.  And of course they are really well animated in 2d, which make this little pices an excellent way to see great animation and at the same time having some fun.

They have got such success that they have their own store, games and community. Here is the link to their official website

I leave you here one of my personal favorites.


Animation and Science

I have just found a perfect match between animation and science, specifically physics, on New Scientist Site. They are short videos, about a minute long  that explain some simple or complicated physic theories whit haste but completely understandable language. It´s all about simple drawings and a great way to explain every step, you can learn from the Shrödinger cat, particles behaving like waves, dark matter and some more. It´s worth taking some minutes to learn a little bit about this interesting things.

Here’s an example. I can’t post here a video itself, but you can watch them on the page.