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Motion Graphics

Animation and Science

I have just found a perfect match between animation and science, specifically physics, on New Scientist Site. They are short videos, about a minute long  that explain some simple or complicated physic theories whit haste but completely understandable language. It´s all about simple drawings and a great way to explain every step, you can learn from the Shrödinger cat, particles behaving like waves, dark matter and some more. It´s worth taking some minutes to learn a little bit about this interesting things.

Here’s an example. I can’t post here a video itself, but you can watch them on the page.


Eco-Motion Graphics!

Since August I was too much into motion graphics, I was responsible for animated comics @LarvaGS, so I started making some compositing and effects, then I realize that I didn’t have any kind of video that displayed my actual knowledge in that animation style. Therefore I decided to make one of my own.

I needed a subject and I found the perfect one in the thesis research made at UNAM by my young brother. It would serve two purposes: Giving his presentations a different way to explain the basis of the project, and letting fly my imagination in motion graphics.

I focus my attention in making the graphical information dynamic and fluent, that supported the voice that was kindly recorded by my friend Edgar J. A. López Abrego.

I hope you like it!