Showcase, tips and thoughts on animation


Compositional Framing Elements

This video (by Matt Kohr)  is great as it explains how to place objects or characters on different kind of shots, it’s all about composing to make the viewer focus on what is more important on the scene.

And this is an issue that many times is left without further process, and it is as essential as   it comes on the principles of animation: staging and strong silhouette

Check it out.



Animation and Science

I have just found a perfect match between animation and science, specifically physics, on New Scientist Site. They are short videos, about a minute long  that explain some simple or complicated physic theories whit haste but completely understandable language. It´s all about simple drawings and a great way to explain every step, you can learn from the Shrödinger cat, particles behaving like waves, dark matter and some more. It´s worth taking some minutes to learn a little bit about this interesting things.

Here’s an example. I can’t post here a video itself, but you can watch them on the page.

Hello Universe!

For everyone out there 🙂 ,this is the first post in the blog, where I will be publishing some videos that I made, some tips and tricks, and a couple of different things related to animation and myself. If you know me, you’ll know that I’m from Mexico and I am supposed  to write in spanish, but I need to keep practicing my english, so….

So let’s get started!