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Gorilla Resources Blog

Gorilla Resources Blog is THE place where you can find a really well selected compilation of websites dedicated to animation and it’s so great that it is divided by every step you normally do when making an animation, from scratch and thumbnails to planning, blocking and polish. Also including some acting and body mechanics articles and how to make your characters stand out on screen. It has articles form all the most talented and important animators in the world.

This is definitely the most transcendental “must have in bookmarks pages” I have found across my life as an animator and I’m glad that you can know it and learn from it too.

It has recently changed its name to Gorilla Resources Page, because when I first knew it, it was called ARC. Just as a little hint.

Here is the link

Enjoy it!




Simon’s Cat

This is a very funny set of animations by Simon Tofield, where the main characters are Simon and his cat, which is always hungry and gets itself into many different and hilarious situations.  And of course they are really well animated in 2d, which make this little pices an excellent way to see great animation and at the same time having some fun.

They have got such success that they have their own store, games and community. Here is the link to their official website

I leave you here one of my personal favorites.

Animation and Science

I have just found a perfect match between animation and science, specifically physics, on New Scientist Site. They are short videos, about a minute long  that explain some simple or complicated physic theories whit haste but completely understandable language. It´s all about simple drawings and a great way to explain every step, you can learn from the Shrödinger cat, particles behaving like waves, dark matter and some more. It´s worth taking some minutes to learn a little bit about this interesting things.

Here’s an example. I can’t post here a video itself, but you can watch them on the page.

Flushed Away – a Very Funny Animated Movie

Clic for the Official Site

After learning about the work that has been done by David Couchariere, I saw one movie that I hadn’t seen before: Flushed Away. And yesterday while I was working on another animation, I was watching it in the background, but it was SO funny that I had to stop doing my animation and only see the movie.

I don’t know if it was that the jokes were made in a peculiar british accent, or that the look and feel of the movie was too much like Wallace and Gromit or Chiken Run, or because there were many delicious practical jokes, but definitely it’s a movie that is worth watching. And despite the plot is really common the whole combination of jokes and art keep your attention until the end.


David Couchariere, an amazing Animator

On CG Society was posted an inspiring interview about David Couchariere, an amazing animator that has come from far away and also have worked in many blockbuster movies.

He come from Belgium, and after he finished school he went right away in his first production as a trainee. Then he try his luck and apply for a position in Blue Sky Studio, which he managed to achieve. So he went across the ocean and have his first participation in the movie “Robots”. Since then he have been an animator for titles such as Ice Age 2, Madagascar 2, Kung fu Panda 1 and 2, How to train your Dragon, Flushed away and Puss in Boots.

It is astonishing to get to know the way a professional animator life has been taking place and also it reminds us that a great animator can come from anywhere in the world. There should have been things that didn’t go very well in that path but certainly there have been many of them that make David a very successful animator.

Here is his demo reel from 2010, and I hope that in some day in the future, I could have one like this.


Animation Scout – Animation Videos

There are few videos on the Internet that have great quality and accurate information on them about animation, but  as I wonder through many sites and posts, I stumbled upon a series of videos that have specific tips that are great to know when animating a character.

They include Eye Direction and it’s meaning, Eyelids: how they work, Head Direction: how do we can make our character look in a certain mood, Blinks: when and how to use them, Mouth Corners: how to use them and Eye Movement: How the entire eye moves when looking in different ways.

There’s no need to say that the one who made this videos, Ugur Ulvi Yetiskin, is a really talented animator

Here is one example:

And you can see the rest over here

Emperor’s New Groove

This is an awesome Disney’s 2D movie, full of great great animation. From the beginning to the end makes you lough and have a good time. What make this movie more interesting is that all the story  is placed in the Inca Civilization in South America.

I just came across this couple videos in OnAnimation Web Site where you can see the rough animation on pencil and then in the next video, the final scene. It’s a great example of how a 2d movie looks like when it’s about to be finished.

It’s beautiful the rough line drawing and how the entire movement and subtle actions are already part of the animation, I have always considered 2d animators great artists because they made every frame a pice of art.